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Welcome to Broward County Schools Planning Tool for School Enrollment and Capacity

Never before has the District been confronted with such strict requirements on school space until now. This year, planning to meet school capacity requirements continues to be impacted by Class Size Reduction, school concurrency, and the State Educational Plant Survey.

  • As a result of Broward’s declining enrollment, the state is requiring all classroom space to be used before new construction funding can be approved through the State Educational Plant Survey. The District is moving forward with eliminating existing relocatables. The relocatable removal plan will decrease the overall Districtwide school capacity.
  • The Third Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning (TRILA) is a contract between the School Board, Broward County, and its Municipalities which also impacts space utilization. The TRILA implements school concurrency. School concurrency requires school enrollment to be concurrent with future planned residential growth. BCPS’s Growth Management Department monitors the TRILA, which establishes the Level of Service (LOS) in Broward County at the higher of 110% permanent capacity or 100% of a school’s gross capacity.

To Begin

Choose the appropriate “Facility Finder” criteria to identify a facility then click “Go to School.” The school chosen will be presented with a list of current and projected facility and enrollment planning forecasted information.

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