Lobbyist List
Client Company
Filing Date (Date Received)
Authorization Letter
Belz, Norbert EThe Wise Mind Project 7/1/2020Yes
Burton, Truly Builders Association of South Florida8/18/2020Yes
Cedar, Shari LAk Building Services7/1/2020Yes
Davidson, Jodi Independent Living System 8/13/2020Yes
del Cerro, Juan HP, Inc.7/1/2020Yes
Dreith, Melinda Novo Nordisk Inc.7/1/2020Yes
Duksta, Laura The Wise Mind Project7/1/2020Yes
Ericks, Candice Charter School USA 7/1/2020Yes
Holroyd III, Robert ECharter Schools USA 7/1/2020Yes
Kwan, Kalvin JAmeresco, Inc. 7/1/2020Yes
Mahoney, Ryan Apple, Inc.8/18/2020Yes
Plana, Nestor JIndependent Living Systems 8/18/2020Yes
Pozzuoli, Edward JCharter School USA7/1/2020Yes
Sarduy, Kepa BCI Integrated Solutions7/1/2020Yes
Silverbush, Sean Bank of America, N.A.7/1/2020Yes
Stagliano, Dawn Comcast of Colorado/Florida/Michigan/New Mexico Pennsylvania/ Washington, LLC8/25/2020Yes
Verdi-Knapp, Michele The Mind Project7/1/2020Yes