Lesson Plan

If you choose to share a lesson plan, please use the format below. Please save your lesson plan in a Word Document or a PDF and upload it to our submission site during Step 4.

Broward County Public Schools Lesson Plan format:

1) Title
2) __Grade Level (e.g. K, 1, 2, K-2, K-5, 6-8, 9-12)
3) __Subject Area (Science, Language Arts, etc.)
4) __Course (Environmental, Marine, etc.)
5) __Description/Abstract of Lesson (A brief explanation of the lesson plan)
6) __Objectives (The specific objective(s) that identify what the student will know and be able to do as a result of participating in this lesson.)
7) __Teacher Materials/Technology Connections (The necessary classroom and technology tools necessary to deliver this lesson plan)
8) __Student materials/Technology Connections (The necessary classroom and technology tools for the student to fully participate in this lesson)
9) __Duration (hours, days, weeks)
10) __Essential Question/Key Vocabulary (Identifies essential question(s) that the lesson plan addresses. Identifies the key vocabulary and terms that will be taught and assessed in this lesson.)
11) __Grouping for Instruction (Large Group, One-to-one, Paired Instruction, Small Group, Whole Group)
12) __Lesson Lead In/Opening (Describes and defines how the lesson will be introduced and how students’ attention will be initiated and maintained)
13) __Steps to Deliver Lesson (A detailed, step by step description of how to deliver the lesson and achieve the lesson plan objectives.)
14) __Guided Practice (The lesson activities designed to promote understanding and application of the lesson’s content.)
15) __Independent Practice (Identifies the follow up experiences that connect to the lesson’s content and gives the student opportunities to practice)
16) __Differentiated Instruction (This may include alternative teaching strategies and practices that address a variety of student learning needs. (i.e. - accommodations, remediation, extensions, and enrichment)
17) __Lesson Closure (Describes how the lesson will draw ideas together for the students to review key concepts.)
18) __Assessment (This action should contain a description of how you will assess students. Attach any created assessment(s) to this lesson plan)
19) __Florida Sunshine State Standards and ISTE/NETS Standards (Enter benchmarks from the Florida Department of Education website: http://floridastandards.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx and ISTE/NETS standards from the National Educational Technology Standards website: http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS)
20) __Broward ESOL Strategies (2007) (Use all that applies: A. Instructional Modifications based on Level of English Proficiency, B. Vocabulary, C. Visuals & Graphic Organizers, D. Other Audio/Visuals, E. Interactive Strategies & Cooperative Learning Settings, F. Other Strategies, G. Alternative Assessment Instruments, H. Multicultural Resources, I. Marzano’s High Yield Strategy)

Attach any supporting documents to this lesson plan.