This internal site is for the CSR team, which includes SBBC employees tasked with the responsibilities of entering student, teacher, and bell schedules, and monitoring class size data along with the various department staff and consultants directly working with this project data. Content on this portion of the CSR Web site is relevant to the daily operations of both the Traditional as well as the Charter schools and is intended to facilitate access and monitoring of detailed class size information. This internal site tool has been developed specifically to promote the verification and reliability of CSR data and enable the District to meet the Class Size Reduction mandate. As changes are made in TERMS this data may be verified daily through the use of this tool. Because of the potential for the School-by-School tool to display data that may be incomplete, or not fully understood by the public, this information has been password protected. Please refer all requests for access to the school-by-school data to your school's principal or the Area Superintendent's office. Staff are not to share this login information. The original site, at the following web site address: will remain and when the Florida Department of Education releases the Class Size Reduction Data in November, the school-by-school information will be posted for the community to review.


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