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2023-24 Class Size Reduction

    October Survey 2
July 28th    ALL schedules for students enrolled to be POSTED in TERMS
August 21st    First Day of School
August 28th    'Did Not Enter' (DNE) students will be dropped
September 27th    Schedules reflect re-Budget conference changes-All classes
    created, students assigned, and scheduling strategies applied
October 13th     FTE Survey 2 Date Certain
December 15th    Final Survey 2 EXTERNAL data submitted to FDOE
    February Survey 3
February 9th     FTE Survey 3 Date Certain
April 12th    Final Survey 3 EXTERNAL data submitted to FDOE

Class Size Maximums  for each of three grade groupings is as follows:
   Grades PK-3 = 18 students.
   Grades 4-8 = 22 students.
   Grades 9-12 = 25 students.

Traditional Schools (non-charter) must meet Period-by-Period class size compliance.

Charter Schools and Schools of Choice must meet Schoolwide Average by grade grouping.

Important Information

The Class Size Website calculations are estimates provided for informational purposes only and do not include FDOE staff, student, or course validations. Each school is responsible for the verification of, and update to, their TERMS and External data for each Survey period. Schools must review and correct their FTE Optispool reports as well as the FDOE Class Size Reports posted in the DWH School Reports Folder. FDOE Class Size Reports will be posted to the DWH Reports Folder as released by the State.

Class Size Reduction compliance and penalty is calculated based on October Survey 2 data only. CSR compliance is submitted to the State for review for February Survey 3. It is the District’s expectation that schools will maintain similar compliance during Survey 3, with the exception of newly enrolled students. School Principals must continue to monitoring their class size data via the CSR website and make any necessary corrections immediately to ensure accurate data reporting.

If you have any questions, please contact the I&T Service Desk at 754-321-0411.